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Paths cross all the time. Sometimes for a reason. We believe the first
instance of the later occurred in the fall of 1998. That’s when Guitarist R.S.
Bilodeau (1998-2002), Bassist K2 (1998-present), and Percussionist/Drummer J.
Hunsaker (1998-1999) met and began a brief but productive musical collaboration.
Songs were written and a style was born.

Voluntarily joining the melee in 1999 was one A.G. Nichols
(1999-present). Bringing 6-string skills and ideas to the mix extended both the
atmosphere and band size. Soon thereafter, a 5 year period of revolving drummers
and band names began. One who left a “butt print” on the drum throne was M.
Wilson (1999-2002) a.k.a.; “Marcus Aurelius”.

After one rough transition, a couple of “false starts” drummer-wise, yet
another band name change, and the fortuitous arrival of our final piece; Drummer
S.R. Ennis (2004-present), we have the opportunity to submit this music, and
line-up, for your approval...


October 2006

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Written for a very special Woman.