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jacog Bio:

New Orleanean native Jacog, is known as one of the originators of Holy Hip Hop and has the war scars to prove it. Her project roots and her flow caused a lot of controversy in the southern baptist churches in which she grew up in. She was kicked out of many congregations because her music was then, considered to be "devil music," and it never stopped her from pressing forward. Jacog is at it again, speaking the truth through all the masses and is taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets.

Jacog believes she is no rookie to the music scene because of her history. At the age of four she sung in the 6th Baptist Church children's choir. She started writing poetry and had a love for music which influenced her to write song lyrics. As a teenager she tried to form a duo group called "Sequence" as "Spice," but the group parted after graduating from high school.

Jacog wanted to make a better life for herself so she moved from New Orleans and decided to continue to pursue her music but due to her carreer change and returning to college to obtain her degree in Medicine, she left her music dormant. The fire was ignited when she met producer Dwayne "Silky D" Sullivan.

In 2000, Jacog released her first Single "The Ghetti," which got the attention of Milwaukee's 103.7 Kiss Fm's radio personality JoJo. She was then asked to perform her single at the station's club live. The Ghetti grew some attention to the masses but Jacog was fighting a spiritual battle. She was struggling with two worlds. While recording her first album, she wrestled with the Spirit of the Lord. He told her that she couldn't serve two masters, the world and Him, so the name "Jacog Phebe," meaning "God Speaks" was born.

Shortly after her encounter, Jacog met producer Andrew "Drew" Craig and went on to record her first EP, "The Sinner's Prayer." Although her project wasn't complete, her title song, "The Sinner's Prayer" was aired on Christian Radio Station, WJYI Joy 1340 am.

Jacog now resides in New Jersey and is currently working on her first album. She has 14 years of experience in songwriting, 7 years in producing and is now starting to develop new talent. Jacog is also in the process of launching her own Independent Record Label.

Single: The Ghetti
EP: The Sinner's Prayer
New: Right Now
We'll Get By
God Chose You

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Dedicated to mothers raising teenagers.    

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Look at the situation going on around us. It's enough to make ya wanta start a revolution don't it?