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Cat Bowen

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Cat Bowen
Cat Bowen Bio:

'Cat Bowen is the pop singer/songwriter from the east midlands creating massive vibes with her new pop tracks produced and recorded by Jorden Milnes, Silver Studios, Nottingham.

Cat's song 'Hit the Ground Running' plus 2 other tracks and is being release around 20/11/06! The title song is also being used on a complilation CD for charity this Christmas. EDM4MUSIC have created a compilation CD of artist to raise money in Jersey for the charity 'Help A Jersey Child' This CD is planned to arrive around the 1st December.

Still only in her mid-twenties, Cat has been writing songs for 13 years and is a Cover Superisor/teacher at Mill Hill School also teaching various instruments privately after school.

Cat was busy gigging around Derby last year with her band but has now recieved much more attention as a solo artist. She will be playing in Jersey during summer 2007 for EDM4Music and their outdoor Summer Concert. Cat is also set to headline National Womens' Day for Derby Women's Centre in March 2007. The theme is 'Celebrating Womens' Creativity' and Cat has been recognised for her creative songs and lyrics, plus her talent.

She has played as a musician in orchestras and bands since her early teenage years, and wrote her first songs at the age of 12 before she had even had a singing or piano lesson! Her extensive experience as a talented musician and songwriter has led to Cat now receiving the attention she so deserves as an emerging solo artiste.

Cat is passionate about writing meaningful songs that people can relate to and used her many influences from pop music through to classical music to breat chatchy tunes that get into peoples heads. She has a very different and more gentle sound when performing acoustically and this makes seeing her at various venues interesting as well as showing off her many talents.

Cat is still looking for management and a record label although a number of record labels are awaiting the CD release to have a listen. She would also like to get into song writing or working behind the scenes within the music business. Hopefully, you will agree her songs sound ready for wider attention and people need to hear it.'

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