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Queen Bio:

Queen, was born 1991, June 28. As soon as she was braced in the light, Talent had formed. Singing at 5. Queen had her times where she wanted to give up. but she never did. Coming from a very talented family. 6 sisters beautiful voices. Queen is the youngest, she looked up to her sisters. She knew she had to work to get a voice like her oldest sister. So later on Queen life she been in talent shows, has done vocal lesson, hip- hop dance. Also along came with beatfuil voice came lyrics, some very good ones to. It's almost came to the point where some wanted to buy her. who was big in the musci indstury. People moved away.
Queen has exprinence for recording music. Other things as well. She Is a very devoted talented singers. Here Idol she grew up to where, Mariah Carey, Teena Marie, Mary J.B, Toni Braxton , Shanice , Sade , whitney Houston.
~~~~~~~~~~ There's Is only 1 Queen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~