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Paul Finnerty has produced an Educational disc titled
Contemporary Guitar For Advanced Students
It contains 12 tunes done in Reggae, Rock, Latin and Blues Styles.
Students can print out the Bass lines, Rhythm and Melody including TAB.
It features a media player showing music as well as TAB, with an adjustable slide to view passages of music.
Students can play along with the melody or select to play with just the Rhythm Section, allowing them to practice improvisation.
The music is performed by real musicians.
It also includes a pamphlet with all the arpeggios for each tune.
This Disc Is for WINDOW XP only, with a Pentium 11 being the minimum requirement.
(My 13 year old grandson played all the tunes in a week using TAB)
This Disc is available from :- WWW. Riff Raff Jazz .Net