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Bjarne O.

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Bjarne O.
Bjarne O. Bio:

Bjarne O. is a professional multi-produced screenwriter who has been playing and making music all his life, and now is interested in venturing into the music business as well, with a special interest in making film music.


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- where several of the tracks are in the contest; here are some of the reviews so far:

"JOURNEY", awarded TRACK OF THE DAY - #26 out of 521

Ready for The Silver Screen!
This song was enchanting....gripping from the beginning to the very end. A definite gem in contemporary world music. The mood is mysterious and adventurous with a sort of northern african flaire. The chorus was especially poignant, coming to a lovely expert use of vocals...this composer knows how to use music to create a dramatic effect. Production and arrangement is flawless. At times the song is reminiscent of the soundtrack to a steven spielberg blockbuster....I hope the publisher of this music is knocking on all the doors in hollywood...this song should be in film.
Well ,well done!
-- jberinger2 from San Diego, California 5Aug2004


Another Great Soundtrack!
Yet another dreamy escape into the realm of electronica. This song makes use of beautiful instruments, a creative arrangement to achieve a wonderfully simple yet inspiring instrumental similar to Enya.
-- netjunkie9 from N. Richland Hills, Texas 2Aug2004


Ticket to a Magical Place
A short lead-in of hand drums and THE voice enters -- a female voice at once plaintive and seductive, with an edge of anger sometimes drifting into tired resignation. Behind her beautifully recorded voice, rhythmically clapping hands mix with a call-and-response African chorus. Above her voice soars an ephemeral soprano reminiscent of prayer calls from a minaret. Deep beneath the vocals, a richly-bowed bass lays a ominous track, lending a fearful unease of impending doom worthy of John Williams` score for Jaws. This richly layered mix brings in synths sounding like piano, orchestral strings, vibes and church bells before ending with a few bars of squishy synth, serving to bring the listener back in place and time -- a final flourish before letting go.
Bringing all these elements together into a smooth, cohesive unit is a tour de force. The production values are top notch.
The song on first listen seemed repetitious, but paradoxically on repeated listens becomes hypnotic and frightfully compelling. By the last time through, I found it difficult not to play one more time and let the song retake me to this all-too-real place carved out palpably from the musical spheres.
In a span of less than five minutes the song carries a mixture of fear, joy, community, isolation and even whimsy. On careful examination, the song becomes an epic novel, with plot and revelation and resolution.
Although my exposure to World Beat is limited, I believe this is a work of remarkable breadth and originality.
- stonesculptor, Houston, Texas, August 23rd, 200

"SOLEM MOMENT" -- Awarded TRACK OF THE DAY -- #61 out of 512

A Real Composer.
An electronic vox pad eases in, laying a bed for a female vocal sounding melody. A rich vox & Pitz textured section moves in. The female comes back with what sounds like latin frases. I took a chance in this genera, because I dont like much electronic music, although I write a lot of it. But this is truely well done orchestration, electronic or not. It takes a real composer to understand the instruments he works with, so as to use then to their full potential. This is a real composer. Hats Off Bro.
- ajak from Port Orchard, Washington on 17Aug2004


Stravinsky and Bjork for an original tune
What an interesting intro! A Stravinsky-style orchestra plays modern classic chords, soon followed by a catchy drumline, for a very original song that it shows a very mature eared artist! Ethnic percussions, "stravinsky" strings, timpani, cellos... And a Bjork-style voice!!! I think this genre may be considered experimental, but what a good experimental is it this! Matbe the 1st transition between the orchestra and the voice is a bit "rough" when you 1st listens to this song, but the general impression is positive, structure is interesting, and great, alternative female voice. The background choir is amazing, and even if the main vocal line is a bit obsessive (a bit shorter would be perfect), this song has many different styles, a melange of originality that maybe not everybody will appreciate. But i do!!! Good job!
- guthorm 17/08/04

"Overture" » Electronica 1 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Bjarne O. - Overture  » play hi-fi
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This is the "overture" from my coming album, "MARSHA" to be released in November 2004.

Great soundtrack song
An excellent production. Really smooth and moody melody full with details and a lovely flow. A lot of character that transports the listener to far away lands, where harmonious sounds swim hand in hand in the current of the melody. excellent.
- triple_erre Montreal, Quebec, Canada September 22nd, 2004

Science Fiction Electronica
Wow, great intro. Sounds like a suspenseful soundtrack piece from a very good science fiction movie. This is very professional. One of the more creative pieces here. Nice layers unfolding as you go along. Call Spielberg he needs you.
- xandal, Indianapolis, Indiana September 23rd, 2004

Ethereal spooky
the beginning is film noirish. i am digging the samples of the crowd and the female "alright". then it sgets really ethereal and it sounds enlightening like it was written for a sci fi movie or fantasy picture. it has organic almost tribal elements with the timpani and the female voices are used sparingly then the alright comes back at the end. this song engaged me like a good short story from intro to climax.
- thewildlife Worker Bee, California September 23rd, 2004

"Journey" » Electronica 1 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Bjarne O. - Journey  » play hi-fi
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Beautiful mysterious, mid eastern sounds and mood, with a western touch. I like the bridge you have created that connects the Eastern and western 'ways'. This is great. Finaly a band who has the guts to be different and in an unique way. I am no expert in the (mid) eastern sound, but to me the melody sounds very original. The arrangement is perfectly filled and has a soundtrack feel to it. The mood is perfect, a touch of sadness blended with an uplifting, but still mysterious tension that keeps me interested. Very pleasant actualy. This track is very attractive and whispers to the subconsiousness. The sounds are carefully choosen, worked out in great detail and fit like water. This takes tremendous talent and the result is a song that fulfils the requirements of art. A+ and on my playlist. Exceptional and very good!
- pbakkenist from Leimuiden, Z. Holland, Netherlands on 29Aug2004