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Chesterwhite & His Orchestra

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Chesterwhite & His Orchestra
Chesterwhite & His Orchestra Bio:

Chesterwhite is the brainchild and alter ego of Donny Dykowsky. Donny, a New York native, started his career singing in bars and clubs when he was only fifteen years old. He soon went on to travel the North East, fronting a touring rock band and later on earning a degree in composition from The Conservatory of Music at Purchase, NY.

However in October of 1998, Donny was diagnosed with cancer of the immune system while he was still at school. Against all odds, Donny finished his studies while on chemotherapy and constantly battling the sickening effects of the drug. It was during this time of desperation that Donny started to compose scores for film, and began to piece together what soon would become Chesterwhite. “This was the first time in my life that I was fearless. What did I have to be afraid of? I had already lost everything,” explains Donny.

A stem-cell transplant became vital and it consumed 18 months of Donny’s life, yet, during this time he held his unrelenting will to keep writing and recording. When his body was free of disease, it was time for a band. The name Chesterwhite is taken from a backhanded compliment from an old high school teacher. Donny found it to be reminiscent of such influences as Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd. The 4-piece gained momentum quickly with Dave Dunn (a.k.a. Count Ramsey) on guitar, Seth Moutal on drums, and Sir Freddy Pastore on bass. Donny fronts this band as Chesterwhite himself; an alter ego inspired by a true-life science-fiction journey.

Their self-titled, debut album Chesterwhite & His Orchestra (Erroneous Records), is like throwing David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, & T-Rex in a blender with a splash of George Orwell. In Chesterwhite’s words, “This band is the soundtrack for undesirables. For those of us on the outside, we are a home for your fears.” The content is an honest look at the world of today and a stranger look of what’s yet to come. It’s an emotional romp through the diary of a survivor sidetracked by humanity, corruption, and love.

In “Kill this Town” Chesterwhite paints this social commentary, “Your daddy’s giving handouts, crawls on his knees; Your brother’s missing class, giving head to a priest; Everyone’s addicted, Hell even police; So turn me on turn me off, arrest me; I am your killer…”

From “Sunburn”, Donny embraces his mortality and Chesterwhite gains his confidence: “They say that you're mad; Bleed you to make them laugh; Take from the past what's behind you; And I can hardly wait, 'cause everybody needs a change; And I can hardly speak, ‘cause everybody needs to scream; Don't wait for love...”

“...songs that leave the listener in a delightful state of awe...Grade: A”

“...a musical tour-de-force that specializes in bringing incredible rock'n roll to the people...”

“...a sexy rock record with attitude and style...I can’t help but sing along...”

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