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My Bio starts like this.....I been rappin on the mic since I was in middle school. I use to write down raps wit my boy Mon and sing em' to da girls. I never took it serious. When I got to high school I use to just freestyle wit the n..@gaz in the hallwayz and in the gym. Everybody use to tell me I was cold back then but I didn't pay it no mind cuz I was chasing behind da girls. When I graduated from high school and came to Jackson State University I started rappin nearly every day.... freestylin and writin raps. Then I started recording them.. My boys use to get copies of my raps and bump them in they cars and then they would put their boyz on it. But still I didn't pay i no mind. And now I just started really droppin mixtapes and the streets are eatin it up fa real. I got people in different states bumping the mixtapes. I get club play, people trying to sign me on the dotted line, people tryin to get me to rap for them or get in they group, different dj putting my songs on mixtapes......etc. But to me ..... I just do it to have fun... I really aint tryin to blow up.... But I know my **** hot... Trust me.... Yo Boy spittin nuttin but FLAMES...

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