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Ian Pellow

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Ian Pellow
Ian Pellow Bio:

Born in Montreal in 1961, he was a nice cute kid (as his mother will proudly confirm). He grew up influenced by Chicago, Zappa, the Allman Brothers, Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, Jaco Pastorius, to name but a few of the extensive list of quality musicians/songwriters who helped to shape Ian’s musical style and direction.

His father was a concert musician who played 1st Viola at the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Baltimore and San Antonio Symphony in the States before becoming a music teacher back in Canada.

And what do you do when your father is a music teacher... you learn music as soon as you can reach the keyboard of the piano or your fingers can curl around the neck of a guitar.

Ian started off with the piano at the age of 6, followed by the trumpet 2 years later and persisted with that for 10 years. At 15 his interest in bass was born after getting a Mansfield driftwood bass. Having Peter Cetera –Chicago- as his example, he taught himself how to play bass.
A couple of bass guitars further… in 1980 a nice tax refund cheque dropped through the mailbox and it was spent on a B301AF Guild fretless bass. It was money well spent !

Ian toured Montreal with his brother and local bands but when Ian started working, life got in the way and the musical pursuit was shelved.

In 1999 life took a turn in an unexpected direction. Ian met his Belgian soulmate.
With just his fretless bass and a suitcase, he plunged into the unknown and has since emerged, having moved to Scotland, happy, writing, performing and recording as never before.

The good old Yamaha 4-track was replaced with the Boss BR-8 and then again by the BR1180CD, followed by the BR1200. Over the past years, a few new guitars have been added to the mix but the faithful Guild proudly remains the "piece de resistance"!

"KINKY SLINKY" is the 3rd album Ian has composed, this time with other artists featuring on drums, guitars, vocals, sax & horn sections. An international collaboration of artists through modern media! Have a listen. It is awesome!

You can read more about Ian's journey, his passion and his random rants on his website and blog and you can also follow him on Facebook.

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