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clay jacobs
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It has been an awesome year for God's Country Ministries, as Clay was blessed to be able to minister and play in many churches and other areas, spreading the message and songs that Christ has laid on his heart. Clay has been blessed to meet and share the stage with some of his Christian Country Music influences, such as Branded, Justin Todd Herod, Tommy Brandt and the Calvary Cowboys. Clay's newest project, Try Something New, was produced by Ken Holloway..."It was amazing to see God work as the pieces just fell into place to make this new project a reality. I know this will be a major tool as we reach out to lost souls in a year that we have heard over and over will be an amazing year for harvest."

Sometimes God will bring you on an incredible journey, even when you may not realize that is exactly what is happening. It seems WE always have a plan for what we think GOD should do in our lives, only to find out that if we will just step out of the way and walk humbly with our GOD, He will show us our true destination.....a destination full of love, joy and peace that can only come from our Savior. "I still do not know what God has in store, but I know that He has placed a calling on my life, and there are those who need to hear the word, and that is what it is all about..."

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This is Clay Jacobs...Thank you for visiting. For more information on God's Country Ministries and my Christian Country music, visit Keep your eyes on the SON... Clay