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Young Rizzle

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Young Rizzle
Young Rizzle Bio:

Young Rizzle was born in a city with in Orange County called Santa Ana, early on in
Young Rizzles child hood, he started playing the flute, and trombone. Young Rizzle had
no idea that he would be so into music like he is to this day. He got encouragment from
the people that helped raised him and has instilled the realism of how to be the best that
he can be , now working on his dabute album, Good-Life, that has been constructed at Shack House Recordz located in the city of Santa Ana. Young Rizzle has chosen the
song Good-Life, because the tragedys that he has over come, and he has conquered
every challenge that has presented themselves to Young Rizzle. With Young Rizzle
behind a dr.rythum section5 drum machine, he would hold the world at his finger tips.
Young Rizzle has yet to do a show but he is patiently waiting to take the rap game by storm. Young Rizzle has spent every minute of the day putting his focus directly on the
music business, taken courses in college ranging from recording with midi, video; also,
taking the business of music to better his understanding of how to take his game to
another level, impressing and proving those that was wrong about his God given talent. Young Rizzle is eager to explode on stage and give people a taste of Santa Anas




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