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From Rusholme With Love

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From Rusholme With Love
From Rusholme With Love Bio:

From Rusholme With love was born out of a summer jam session back in Aug 2000. When two work friends who had discussed music for ages with each other, decided to get together one night and have a crack at it.

Paul who had just come out of his own band Catfish, was still writing on the guitar but had decided not to get into another project straight away and was just playing round with some old tracks and ideas. Some of those tracks made that particular jam session.

George himself had been in several bands, but had resided to writing solo projects with piano and synths multi tracked, and mixing and engineering in his spare time. When he heard Pauls songs for the first time, he fell completely for the great structure, musical ideas and lyrics and decided he wanted to be involved. He picked up the maracas and the rest was history.

The jam session turned into many more nights with new ideas & angles being applied to old songs, some new songs were written and vocal harmony experimentations began. After a few sessions, George brought a keyboard sound to the band and they both started to write & play as a two-piece. Primarily, Paul had done all the singing but had more and more encouraged George to bring some of his own vocals to the band sound. It started as harmonies and small vocal parts and one year later had transformed into there being no set singer in the band. Paul and George would equally share vocal duties and harmonies and would apply this style in whatever way the current song required. It wasn't long till they recorded their first home studio album entitled '2 Days with the mother of all hangovers" aptly named due to a few inebriated feelings at the time of recording. Comprising of 13 songs using just guitar, piano and dual harmonies. The album ran for 69 minutes and catalogued most of Pauls earlier work.

From their first gig held at The Hogshead Manchester June 2001, many glorious nights followed along the same Manchester street, at Slice Bar & The Crown. They played as much as possible at different venues to gain experience with working with each other on stage and to develop their sound. Many a gig went successfully with a great high on stage, guest singers and open mic spots and a strong crowd support. But there were low nights too where acoustics in venues were poor, see "Corbieres or general musical equipment failed or the bands hearts just werent in it. But in the end, there was no holding these two lads back as they pushed on and upwards to develop their sound. Following a string of small gigs, performances at Satans hollow began where they became introduced to a bigger sound and audience. After two performances, they became one of the clubs resident bands, head-lining over other bands and filling the occasional xmas spot with new adaptations of their own work and xmas songs.

In Nov 2002, From Rusholme With love signed to the small label owned by Satans hollow and took a year out to record their second studio album "Life in Reverse" of which some of the tracks can be heard here on The album shows a darker, diverse; more grown up sound compared with its predecessor and illustrates how far Paul & George have come. From small Spanish guitar medleys such as Angelita to darker epics such as Not That Easy and easy listening tracks such as Every Shade Of Blue, The album shows much more experimentation. Compared with 13 of Pauls original songs on '2 Days with the mother of all hangovers, Life In Reverse boasts 15 tracks of which over half are co-written and several tracks are remodeled from the original album.

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