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Epiphora Bio:

Epiphora is defined as "watering of the eyes due to a blockage of the lachrymal ducts or the excessive secretion of tears." Interestingly, it has a secondary meaning, which is "the emphatic repetition of a word or phrase at the end of several sentences or stanzas." Based on these two definitions, I chose to take the name Epiphora as a musical artist. Though I don't expect to make anyone cry with my music, I hope I can touch a nerve now and then.

Some songs have a fast beat and driving rhythm, while others are soothing, relaxing, and meditative. The most common reaction to Epiphora music is that it sounds not only familiar, but also like it belongs on a soundtrack. 2005 brings vocals to the table with my latest CD - The Watery Eye. The vocalists who were so gracious to work with me blessed three of my songs with beautiful stories, and I hope everyone enjoys them.

I am hoping to get my music as much exposure as I can - on the radio, online, in people's cars, in their homes, and in their heads. Word of mouth has been my best friend so far. If you like what you hear, spread the word, and thanks for listening!

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