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It all started on the back of a coach on the way home from a South Wales trip. I used to torture the lads on the long trips home with the guitar but after they'd had a few beer's they all thought they were Robbie and wanted to sing so it was all harmless fun until the side I played for signed Chris and you can imagine what happened on the next away trip. 'Firkin' Hell 'Bung' you can sing, as we banged out Faith by George Michael, (It was the only one we both new!!) Chris is affectionately known as 'Bungle' around his hometown of Flint and this has stuck (If you ever get to meet us, ask why and we will gladly explain!!) Anyway, two weeks later, Chris bounds up smiling 'We've got a gig', 'Wass a gig I ask myself!! 'We're on in the Boro' Club Saturday night 8.00'. At this point I was still asking myself what does he mean a 'gig'. So we got a set together, learnt the songs and off we went. We are both massive fans of acoustic music obviously and we both believe that it sounds best when a song is stripped down to the bare bones and heard how it was written. As we progressed we both confessed to trying to write songs (I think we thought it wasnt a very blokey thing at first) and we found we shared similar experiences in life as lots of people do. We then set about writing together and as you can hear we put a lot into it and don't just write about anything. So here we are today with 20+ gigs behind us and we are both bitten with performing. We have about 100 songs to select our set from depending on where we are playing which is great and we also include some of our own stuff (audience permitting) at out gigs now. If you want to book us, just drop us a line.

It's all about the music..


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Written in about 30 minutes it's about going through a break up and how it feels, the usual we know but done with our own stamp.

They are all the same aren't they