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Fresh Nelly

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Fresh Nelly
Fresh Nelly Bio:

Electrik,Eclectik,Dislexik hard trance/dance musik!

After one year of jamming in the studio, Canadian artist Fresh Nelly has released her fourth CD aptly titled " Girlz 2 Men". From hard trance to breaks to rock-techno fusion, Fresh continues to blur together music genres in her unique way!

"Over time, and much clubbing (giggles), I have noticed a distinct musical partition between the two sexes" Fresh explains," I have divided the CD into two parts. The first 7 are for the guys, then the last 8 for the girlies."
The CD's cover art is obvious, but Girlz 2 Men differs from previous albums in that several other artists contributed with vocals ( Nrapp and Bye ) and instruments, ( Gena and Fevertech ) plus the first ever Fresh Nelly remix project.
Fevertech's U know what I know- Freshie Freaker Remix presently holds a strong second place in the SonicRaider remix contest.

When asked why Girlz 2 Men and not Girlz and Men or some other variation, Fresh confessed, " The true meaning is a little deeper! My best friend and I have gone into business together, in a field mostly ruled by men. In the course of establishing trusting clientelle, we have esentially gone from girls to men - at least during business hours!"
A suprising third meaning is mentioned in the CD's first trancy track "Welcome", but we'll leave that for the listener to interpret.

The reviews have been exceptional for Girls 2 Men, especially the hit Talk about sexxx!, an instant success that's loved by anyone who has heard it. With it's "off the hook" lead, slamming beat, and provocative lyrics, sexx is probably the best song to come out of the studio ever!
Track 2 is the song "2", performed live at a private bash, and combines new polysynths with the retro sounds of an old Yamaha CS-10 lead with all it's knobs and buttons. "The old thing put out so many harmonics, a lot of filtering would be required to connect it to a modern mixing console" Fresh adds, " it was plugged directly into an amp and came back in though the mics! Can't beat the live sound though..."
"Love the wild tunneling effect!" said composer/producer Sonic One of the hard trance piece Drastic, "it's like it keeps building and building right to the end!"

Girlz2Men can be found at, Solarise Records in the UK, and soon in Edmonton and Calgary shops.

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Rawkin' Hard trance with endless build effect!