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Topher P. Rock

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Topher P. Rock
Topher P. Rock Bio:

I was born in a trashcan in the ghetto. My dad tryed to shoot me 9 times. But I didn't die. Man I'm still alive. And then my mom was a druggie and i got married to a 40 year old woman at the age of 16. Man black folk don't get treated right. Of course, the 40 year old lady was white. She made me work and work and she bitched and bitched and I did what she told me to. Have you ever had sex with an old lady....When she took out those teeth thats the only part that was half amazing. The only part I didn't like was when her old pa took his viagra and tried to join. I sware it was three long hours before anybody............Hold dup! That is not my life story. But doesn't that sound like something a rapper would say? Get at me.

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