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Nagučre Bio:

Naguere is an acoustic rock trio.the line up is composed by:
Giampaolo:guitar and voice
Claudio:guitar and voice
Ugo:lead voice and flute
recently we begin composing few songs.we are online wih the site!
The name comes from the Paul Verlaine's poems called "Jadis et Naguere"(1881).it means "in olden times and recently" cause we like the music of the past('60,'70) and the music of today!we initially play a lot of cover of various band
We love rock in all his forms!!!from blues-rock to acoustic-rock,from prog-rock to hard-rock!!!we love America, Doobie brothers,ELP,Led Zeppelin Deep Purple,Rainbow,Beatles,Uriah Heep,Alice in chains,Soundgarden,Iron Maiden,Metallica,