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Beat under control - a new project led by the Swedish bassplayer Ulf ”Rockis” Ivarsson- introduces a unique mix of dub, jazz, funk, electronica, roots, rock and global beats. On the debut album ”The Introduction” Ulf Ivarsson (who previously has toured and recorded with artists such as Thomas Dileva, Sky High and Hedningarna (The Heathens) teams up with Goran Kajfes on trumpet, celloplayer Raymond King, guitarist George Nakas and Per Wiberg on keyboards - some of the most interesting players on the contemporary swedish musicscene.

Opening track ”Blue Lights” shows some of the many varied influences that forms the basis of ”Beat under control”. Goran Kajfes plays the majestic theme and improvise together with Per Wiberg over Ulf Ivarssons basslines, that leads us through a musical landscape which incorporates sounds and beats associated with both Miles Davis (Bitches Brew era) and eastern music.
Kajfes appears again on the next track ”Sacred” a pulsating piece of ambient electronica.The track also features Raymond Kings electrically fuelled celloharmonies.
”This is beat under control” the third track is built around a hard driving beat in the Roni Size school of drum´n´bass. The melody that leaps with the first basstheme is played on a Augustus Pablo- inspired melodica and shows Ulf Ivarssons influences from reggae music.
Next title ”Direction Dub” opens up Beat under control in exactly that direction- dub. The production of this modern dubtrack feature melodicasound and Raymond King playing atmospheric celloparts over the almost minimalistic beat anchored by heavy bass. George Nakas adds colour with his whammy guitarplaying.

Trumpetplayer Goran Kajfes returns for the fourteen minutes long ”Speechless” which mixes modern electronica with both funk (funkadelic meets DJ Shadow) and early underground electronic music (70´s Tangerine Dream).
As with all B.U.C. compositions the music is built around the energic and imaginative bass playing- in this case strikingly simple repetitive synthbasslines.

Last track ”Saturn Blues” is basically a modern funky blues - with a beat. All musicians featured in this line up of Beat under control reappears in this final number.

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