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From a dead-beat wannabe to a psychopathic liar..'s just ME now and I feel better than ever!!! Considering I have been in soooo many CRAZY ASS's beyond belief that I'm still doing music. But what can I say....I LOVE IT!! I just think that it's funny, people say they want this and that they'll do "anything" for it, when they won't do SHIT!! I co-wrote on ALL the songs, I'm the only one who was ever on the damn demo (as lead and background vocals) and I'm the only one who ever actually gave a damn about that group. Making clothes, buying material, driving long fucking distances, wasting gas, spending money, paying for everything, caring about the music, ACTUALLY COMMITING TO IT, going on trips to Atlanta, finding the money even when I was struggling, not being late, not trying to provoke people to get pissed off at me, actually practicing, working on the press-kit ALL ON MY OWN, seeing the importance of doing things in a timely manner, not waiting til the last fucking minute, showing up to photo shoots, never losing the "PASSION", actually giving a damn, not trying to fuck my producer, not being a group member that seduced another member, AND not getting EVERYONE I KNOW involved when something went wrong.....this is EVERYTHING that I did, that no other person in that damn group could do. I am sick of pulling other bitches weight and I LOVE being solo!! So there is it, given to you RAW!!
Deal with me or NOT!!

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