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Jay Matsueda

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Jay Matsueda
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From the very first single I ever bought (Joe Jackson's "You Can't Get What You Want - Till You Know What You Want") to albums now on heavy rotation like Jeff Buckley's 'Grace,' Chris Cornell's 'Euphoria Morning' & almost anything by The Police, music has shaped my daily life. And not only as a listener. My parents had me sitting at the piano learning Stephen Foster and Bach as a wee boy, an effort that went mostly unappreciated due to its obligatory nature but that nonetheless contributed to formation of a distinct musical intuition. And my interest in playing was rekindled in high school, this time with guitar, after the tragic death of a childhood friend who'd played. What began as a tribute turned into a unique vehicle for personal expressiveness, exponentially so when adding lyrics. Jump ahead ten years after dozens of musical collaborations & lotsa writing and now, when people ask about what are rightfully described my 'musical goals,' I am obliged to tell them I am just trying to be true to myself. To play what sounds good to me in hopes of releasing some sweet sounds to help trick myself into believing I'm not that bad a guy. (jk) And to writing lines that respect the complexities of the situations that inspired them both for my benefit re-living some of my most emotional moments and for whatever purpose they may serve anyone else...

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