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Controlled Chaos

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Controlled Chaos
Controlled Chaos Bio:

Controlled Chaos was formed in early 1999 in Pensacola, Florida by guitarist/vocalist Kerry Vick(also of Materia Prima and guitarist Sean Watson. In late 2001 we added Zeb Hundley(bass/vocals, ex-Forthcoming) and Donnel Brown(drums). After a year and a half of grinding it out in the conservative backwoods of Pensacola the band decided to go their seperate ways. Sean moved to San Antonio, Zeb joined the military and Donnel fell off the face of the planet. Not wanting to give up so easily, Kerry decided to resurrect the band and start recording on his own. In 2003 the first Controlled Chaos demo, Balance Through Opposition was recorded and released, followed in March 2005 by Fallacy. Expect a full length album from Controlled Chaos in May 2006.

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