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This is stax brix I do all my own beats, writing, rapping, mixing, promoting. And anything else you can think of. I been around music my whole life, moving around alot it was the one thing that stayed consistinant in my life.
I grew up poor living in projects I had to grind **** out.
My family are all from other states so I been solo. I was born in Hartford and moved around alot when I was a teen. Did everything you could think of for money and to feed my family, I rap about everything to trying to eat to politics and social issues.
I started up this production company ''DIRTY POCKETS PRODUCTION'' last year. To put my own music out. At first it was a struggle but im starting to get some recognition. Im use to working for myself and im on some biznez ****. I took a break from shows so I can focus on my solo record. I just released ''GET IT HOW U LIVE IT vol 1.'' And vol 2. is ready to go. Vol. 1 is a mix cd with a few artist on it. Vol. 2 is all instrumentals made by me.
I rap with Faith Rose and my brother Balla P but hes locked up. Hes up for parole in october hopefully he makes it home. He been away for almost 5 years now. Recently I almost joined him I got raided and thrown out the pjs.
Im looking to do collabs with anyone so get at me, Review my **** leave a comment, add my music. Good look on taking time to check my **** out. Hope to see you at a show. Im taking orders for both cds. So spread the word and show sum love.

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sum political gangsta ****    

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