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Convergence From Within

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Convergence From Within
Convergence From Within Bio:

Back in the Fall of 1999 when guitarist/vocalist Wally and bassist/vocalist Dave decided to collaborate with Fleshtized drummer, Gary, an instant buzz was created throughout the southeast as Convergence From Within instantly began pounding the live scene with serious intensity.
Wally and Dave had been through an array of musicians who never quite made the cut for various reasons, but with the addition of Gary on drums the line-up was forever solidified. In March 2001, guitarist Matt, was added to the fold and now their sound has gained a fullness that only two guitars can bring. Especially the sound of two really good guitar players who could quite easily stand on their on, but when paired up bring the best out of the respected style of the other. The rhythm section is as solid as it comes with the powerhouse blasts and double bass that Gary has displayed time and time again with Fleshtized matched with the thunderous and precise bass lines of Dave.
Over the past couple of years, they have gained quite a following in their hometown scene in Huntsville, Alabama and throughout the South. Having performed in a great deal of shows (over 125 now) both as an opening act and as a headliner, they have shared the stage and earned the respect of some of the best including Monstrosity, Angelcorpse, Krisiun, James Murphy, Immolation, Exhumed and Mortician to name a few. They also played in several multi-band metal festivals including the St. Louis Slaughterfest, Xtreme Benefest, and an opening slot for one of the Death Across America gigs. They were showcased at Milwaukee Metalfest XVII, 2003.
The live intensity of Convergence From Within has been witnessed by thousands of Extreme Death Metal fans most of whom return on a regular basis to see them make their return to the many clubs where they forged their impressive reputation. Now the intensity has been captured in the studio for all the world to hear.
Throughout the history of Underground Death Metal, many recordings are regarded as classics that will be forever sought after by avid fans and collectors alike. The Only The Strong 2004 full-length will be one of them. This incredible Death Metal which brings back the styles of early Morbid Angel and Suffocation, but with a breath of savagery and more modern techniques will be sure to conquer the ears and stereos of all who listen. Make way for a new force in the wake of a great resurgence of the Southern Death Metal scene. This is not weak poser garbage, this is True Death Metal at its finest. This is Convergence From Within. * Bio compiled by Garth Lovvorn

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