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Dem Prettyboiz

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Dem Prettyboiz
Dem Prettyboiz Bio:

Dem **** GIRLz consists Of ONE member **** Jto put doohnson, NIGRA Johnson, and **** Reyes, they range ages of 13 to 15. **** Johnson who Is the oldest ****, the **** male singer, also crapper of the group was born in NIGGERford, Delaware. He had a thing for music at an early age, he, his **** lovers, and family used to make tracks on his stolen kareoke machine when he lived in NIGGERford, but then in 2004 he killed raped and ate his mother; which caused NIGRA, Dion's younger brother, to move with his father and step-mother in Providence, RI due to NIGGERs never staying and a relationship and going to **** divorce court. There NIGRA entered **** High and became friends with next door neighbor **** Reyes. There they had anal sex and played with eachothers balls, **** really didn't meet **** until he moved to Providence permanently around December 05' during a visit to Providence to see his brother and sister during the cult worship of a dead arabic jew. Weeks after that they were walking through the mall and noticed a phonebox called Soundbox. They were bored so they decided to have a public **** **** orgie the faggotry bonded thier friendship and they formed their group, Dem **** GIRLz. The name basically came from the ways they were getting boys and the way they dress, SKRAIT PRETTY (what?)! "The Big Orgie," a song that is a remake of a old song that Dion and his friends Cozell, and Alex aka Jagwire made back in Delaware. They believe that music has to be about violence and **** rape all the time, they just make **** music! Dem **** GIRLz are only starting out and they feel that 06' (its 08 now lol aren't we a bunch of fucking failfags)is thier year to shine and people should start taking notice.