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The Yearning

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The Yearning
The Yearning Bio:

Upon finding each other in a barn in the Lincolnshire countryside, it was evident that only music could be born of this meeting. As the band progressed over the coming years through education and into all the possibilities beyond, it was impossible not to look backward and wonder on everything that had gone before.

Amidst the uncertainty in the future, heartfelt songs of love and expressions of hope were born in dim bedrooms and college dorms. In the confusion of half-formed dreams, it became clear the band could only take one name.

In the fading summer of 2005, two weeks of intense recording were undertaken in a small bedroom where sketches were formed on an old computer. The fruition of this is the Afterthought EP, a six-track CD freely available to download from the band's website, containing full-grown songs with silky-smooth harmonies, spiralling guitar riffs and a hazy semi-acoustic shimmer.

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Afterthought EP posted: 11 Mar 2006 11:30 AM
So we're done! All 6 tracks are now finally finished. I've dragged Dan away from being such a perfectionist with them and the EP is done and dusted, hurrah! So please sign up, you get all 6 tracks of the EP free to download, and of course we won't do anything horrible with your email address (I'm not sure we'd even know how). Feel free to download and print the cover too while you're at it, in order to make your own case just like on Blue Peter. Except with less glue and no toilet-roll inners. Please let us know what you think of the tracks, and distribute them as freely as you wish! We've also got a website up now at