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SkaDot Productions

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SkaDot Productions
SkaDot Productions Bio:

Professionally as a writer, producer, and certified audio engineer, Scott (a.k.a SkaDot or Skootch) has been in the music industry for over eight years. He has recorded demos as well as records with such gold, platinum and multi-platinum artist as "Joe" signed to Jive records, to Olivia of formally of J records (now known as the first lady of G-Unit). He recorded "When the Shades Go Down" on Allure for the platinum sales soundtrack and film "The Best Man" in 1999. He received a Grammy Certificate in the category of Best Traditional R& B Vocal for Midi and Drum Programming on the 2000 Motown release of the Temptations "Ear-Resistible. Scott co-wrote the single "Reason For Breathing" which Babyface recorded and released on his "A Collection of Greatest Hits" album in 2000. As of late 2003, "Reason For Breathing" was re-recorded and released on George Benson's album "Irreplaceable" in Europe. As of October 2004 Scott finished his Entertainment Bachelors degree at FullSail Real World Education. He is co-owner and chief engineer of PlatinumUnity LLC (a 1st rate production/recording facility in DeBary, Fl), owner of SkaDot Music Publishing (ASCAP), and he is also planning to form a graphic/web design company sometime in 2006. Lately this self contained music industry anomaly has focused much on artist development for local artists, and quietly building an impressive catalogue of potential singles for up and coming as well as established artist. The time has come to see SkaDot emerge from the shadows and become one of todays and tomorrows leaders of the music industry.

Online release of his solo debut I am SkaDot Productions is currently scheduled for early April 2006 and in stores summer of 2006.

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