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Pete Jones

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Pete Jones
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Ive never been very good with words, to tell you now the things Ive heard

After fronting various bands on the London music scene (Lux, modelcitizens & a stint on bass with The Cornerstones) taking the solo path may not seem a natural progression for this 26 year old singer / songwriter. But that is exactly the path that Pete Jones has chosen.

Never one to shy away from trying the less obvious route, Pete is now bringing his own brand of soulful & uplifting music to new audiences across the capital and beyond.

"Fade away, taking my life with you... I don't know what to do; you're breaking us into two..."

Experience has taught many musicians that it is all about the quality of the songs and Pete Jones is no exception. Petes whole outlook is based on the foundation of people wanting more than just a haircut and the latest fashion, they also want songs that speak to them and these songs certainly manage to achieve that. Stripped back and given an acoustic simplicity the songs have taken on a life of their own.

Listen carefully and youll hear strains of Dylan, Lennon, Hardin & Buckley through to Ashcroft, Weller, Frame & Tilbrook. Pete Jones is continuing a heritage of classic singer / songwriters.

Summers all been told, the futures never sold, its a bad day...

Make no mistake, for every fly by night industry darling who end up as tomorrows fish and chip paper, there will always be a Pete Jones. Someone who will craft great songs no matter who the media tell us is the latest flavour of the month.

A musician who will be making music with fire, passion & skill for many years to come.

Rob Haynes March 2006

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