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Tre Main

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Tre Main
Tre Main Bio:

Denver Singer-songwriter Tre Main has been tantalizing his listeners for the past few years with numerous self penned gems ranging a broad spectrum of genre. One thing remains clear, his online presence is undeniable and his sound is unmistakable.

His androgynous persona and ambiguous lyrical gestures have seperated him from many artist hopefuls. He remains 100% hands on in all of his writing and leaves all of his music to the imagination of his listeners. "What one person might have heard, was not as another may have taken it" he explains about the music. "It's fun to complicate listeners, that's what keeps them hungry for more of your work." he continues.

Tre Main also hosts the online entertainment radio show called "The Queue Up", under the pseudonym Dax Dish. why, you ask? " Because the only thing I mix are my clothes and my drinks. My music is my music, and my show is my show". he states. The Queue up is a music platform for independent artists to share their music and be showcased, along with daily news, guests, and hand picked music.

Tre Main is presently working on his digital album "Nightlife Confessions # 15" which will be released and available for download in late 2015 and will feature "Hit and Run".

The Queue Up airs @ Mondays and Fridays beginning at 10:30 a.m. (MST)

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show theme outro from The Queue Up!

also taken from the forthcoming,

Nightlife Confessions # 15