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mobosound Bio: is a unique professional audio recording system utilizing Didigdesign Pro Tools HD digital audio recording technology that can be used in our studios or in the field at live venues, rented spaces or even your own living room.

We specialize in capturing multitrack digital audio in "live situatations", such as nightclubs of any size, churches, school bandrooms, unusual locations where either the size or cost of a vehicle-based system will not work. We also work with film and video production to produce high quality products.

Recordings made in the field can be overdubbed, mixed and pre mastered in our direct input digital studio. We also offer DVD creation andsurround sound mixing to DVD.

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Jason Joseph recorded LIVE at the Jlounge by

this is a rough mix of all 32 live tracks.

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Tgroove by issues recorded at mobosound for loose atom records c2006