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When I Was Young, I Wanted Nothing More Than To Be On A Stage in Front of Thousands of People Playing Songs That I Had Wrote. I Played In A Band, We Played For Small Crowds Instead. I Have Been Writing and Recording My Own Music Since The Early 70s, Around 150 Songs. I Quit For About 10 Years Between the 80s and 90s. During the New Wave and Hair Band Stuff. Most of What You Hear Is Me Doing All Insruments, Two of my Sons Help Me Once in Awhile, Playing Guitar And Keyboards. I'm Not A Pro, I Just Like Creating And Building On A Song. It's Interesting to Start Recording A Song And The End Result Sounds Totally Different Than What I Started With. I Write Lyric's About Things That Have Happened To Me. Well Most of The Time, [I've Never Danced With the Devil.] But I Will Change Words Around So That it Will Fit Your Life To. {so I'm a nice guy] If You Like my Songs Or Dislke Them Let Me Know. Because If We All Liked The Same Kind of Music, Then There Would Only Be One Song For All Of Us

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