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Passenger Bio:

Passengers music has elements of funk, classic rock, Rhythm and Blues, soul, and reggae musics.

Passenger has been performing approximately 200 gigs/year since September 2002 and is developing an ever-increasingly great reputation for the quality of their live shows in Southern Ontario.

Jim Slansky (guitar and vocals). After much in depth exploration into various art forms he eventually decided that music was his truest vocation. He has completed a degree in visual art from the University of Guelph, studied jazz music at McGill University in Montreal. The maturity and composure that he displays in performance is a testament to his diligent approach to the endless task of fine-tuning his various talents as a guitarist/arranger/composer/singer and group player.

Jesse Turton - (bass guitar and vocals). Jesse comes from a very musical family. He received a scholarship to Berklee summer music camp in Boston at the age of 16 and a scholarship to study jazz at Humber College at the age of 18. Jesse has played in a number of professional ensembles and his extensive experience is obvious to the audiences that he performs to. After having completed a steady, 4 year stint with rockers Phat Stick, Jesse has found a new home with Passenger and Chipotle.

Sam Cino - (drums and vocals). Sam also comes from a very musical family and has been playing and been surrounded by music for all of his life. He is widely known as one of the finest drummers in Southern Ontario and his skill and showmanship are unparalleled. He has studied music at Humber college and has been involved in countless recording projects and performing ensembles. Those privileged to hear him play will attest to his explosive creativity.

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hello there people...come check out our tunes...they'll cure what ails you...or at least distract you for a minute or 2