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Robert Neary

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Robert Neary
Robert Neary Bio:

Rob Neary - Crazy guitarist stuff & vocals,bass
I have been playing guitar since I was 16yrs old. My dad was a big Eric Clapton fan, and as Eric started at 16yrs old, my dad gave me guitar lessons as a Christmas present
I spent my first 2 years learning classical guitar with an old Spanish guitarist at school.
I met up with (now my best friend) Matt during music lessons. I remember he had a very 80's Marlin electric guitar and the class went "wow".
We used to hide in the music closet and jam (very badly).

My dad then decided to invest in an electric guitar (see pic number 1 on my photo gallery) for me; it was a cherry red vantage guitar and had 3 tone switches and a volume really cool.

Many a summer day was spent hanging out with both of us trying to learn as many new riffs as possible?
It was fun learning new stuff from Extreme to Van Helen to Megadeth each week...trying to out do each other!

I did a few gig's here and there for colleges and one was for the rock school workshop at the harlequin theatre in was organised by "Herbie Flowers" the bassist from "Asia" and "David bowie"..
It was really cool and the guitarist from "Little Angels" tuned up my
IBANEZ" and said he "had one just like this..."

The Ibanez (old red, frankenstien) was bough in separate pieces and put together by Matt, I still have it today and its a fantastic guitar!!

I continued to learn and started writing my own material.

I decided to write a mixture tunes to get my first CD going, called "Evolution" back in 2002....and the CD has been sellinq well since.

Off the back of "Evolution" i had a tune on tv called "your always on my mind" for TXTME was featured for 6months.

. I am currently written all my own music, but am actively looking to start a band. All I ask is that people listen to my music and drop me an email of what they think!

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This is my "lead" entry track to the pendells guitar competition....all you have to do is buy the cd at halo records for 10.00 and use the 2nd CD (backing tracks) and solo over it and send it in!    

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Driving Hard rock guitar meets electronic dance beats & Vocals to take you on a 10 track treasure trove of exciting guitar and catchy melodies which you wont stop whistling.

Available for $5.00 at

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Steve Vai,Joe Satriani style instrumental with wailing guitars!