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Gravy Bio:

Gravy formed in 1999 with the premise that music should be (cohesively) individualistic, devoid of repetiveness, and ultimately entertaining.

Influenced by an enormous swathe of music, film, and dreams, they set out to create a sound that was drastically different from the surrounding tides of musical homogeny. Every note is analyzed, retooled, sculpted into a part of a soundscape, visualized by the listener.

Gravy plays the music they feel they should play, without the hangups of whether or not the song fits an image. Drawing upon everyone from Martin Denny to Marty Friedman to Frank Zappa, Gravy's music encompasses a wide range of sounds and techniques.

Let the warmth of Gravy wash over you....

"Dead-set on doing their own thing their own way, regardless of how insular or off-putting it may seem to crowds whove been weened on groups that dote on them like fawning manservants. The hyper, Zappa and Mike Patton-inspired funhouse-mirror antics of Gravy...are never anything less than a blast to behold."

- Jim Reed, Connect Savannah, 3/2005

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