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fixation desire

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fixation desire
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the story starts

Since the band were formed 4 months ago alot of things have happened which has changed the genre, formation and even a few of the members of the band. the original band were formed by Neill and Gareth who also named the band fixation desire. Next on the list for Gareth and Neill was to find a guitarest and a bassist so chris and dee dee were added to the band. However after months of practices being postponed due to dee dee's heavy work schedule the rest of fixation desire decided it was time to find a new bassist and dee dee left voluntarily. Jadams was then introduced to the band by Neill's girlfriend after much persuasion. Jadams fitted in perfectly and made friends with the rest of the band immediately after joining. a couple of months went past and the band practices were going good and steady progress was being made on the first song which was written by Neill 'another teenage messup'. a mutual friend of the band, jonny designed the bands first demo cover and then got people to want to hear the bands demo. so the band started working on their demo. Not so long ago Neill decided not to play guitar for the band and just sing. Thats why Jadams is now in the band playin lead guitar. kris and matt were then broat into the band kris doin lead screaming and matt on the bass .The band is currently working on their demo and getting ready for their gig with Willow Drive in January. xxx
some of the lyrics are down there
the recordings will be there soon
if u steal any of the lyrics we well kill you

the members r

lead vocalest - tom (sometimes called neill)
kris- backing scremer
rythem guitar - chris
lead guitar - jadams
bassest - matt
drums - gareth

were all really close friends and its always been r dream to become big
we havent been a band 4 that long but were goinna stick at it

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very slow deperessing song
not very good quality tho soz

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