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Arie Boom is a musician for more then 25 years.
Playing the guitar, bass and a little bit off keys.
Writing his own songs and recording them at home.
He has his own "unique" sound, using lots of melodies,
instruments and his own way of using the guitar.

Some things that people said about him:

"Some of the places the guitar goes are truly heavenly"
"I like the way you haven't restricted yourself to the usual instrumental format"
"I don't believe I have ever heard such a vast array of instrumentation in one tune!"
"amazing...not so easy to do...great!!!"
"Love the use of the guitars. Excellent production."

"Summers little blues Jam" » Blues 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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A song dedicated to my French Bulldog: Summer.
When i wrote this song, Summer was about 5 months old.

Lets be honest, a French Bull is probally one of the most ugliest dogs.
But the uglyness in combination with her very warm and friendly character,
is making her a friend for life.....

Summer is a funny dog, she gets totaly wild when there is something to eat,
at night she has to lay down on your lap ( weighing about 24 pounds )
She snores a lot making more noise then i do on the guitar,
and she likes to cuddle.... a lot.... the whole evening if she
gets the change.

She is just like this song, friendly, funny, warm and a little bit crazy now and then.

"Brothers and Sisters" » Instrumental 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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I asked 2 friends if they would record there feelings on war and terrorism, they did and send it to me. That was the basis for this song.
Vocals and lyrics are done by: Dean Taylor ( English ) and Shio Kome ( Japanese )
I am very thankfull to those guy's, for taking up the challenge to create something out of the blue

"When i am Asleep" » Instrumental 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Do you know the feeling when you are between being awake and falling asleep ?
The feeling when you are at the point of no return ?
You are still awake but you're also almost sleeping,
you know you are going to fall into that sleep and there is nothing that can stop it.
You mix reality with the world of dreams into a surrealistic state of mind,
sounds you hear are entering you're dream, is it reality or dream ? who knows......

This song was written in the beginning of my period of sleeping a lot.
I noticed that when i fall in sleep during the day, i have these strange crazy liquid dreams.
Afterwards i was even more tired then before.
This is an attempt to capture those feelings in music.

"My Broken Body" » Experimental 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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A song about my current situation