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Back in 2001 Tony(vocals) and Steve(guitars) renewed an old friendship after not really seeing each other for about 10 years. Music didn't come into the picture at first, but eventually it came up in conversation and they started a writing partnership and formed the band 'Minus 9'. This was quite a creative period and many ideas would come in useful at a later date, but before that really took off both Steve and Tony were invited to join an 'oasis' cover band called 'Live Forever'. With the success of Live Forever, Steve and Tony continued to write songs (now with a strong influence indie rock bands), came up with the name stoneraven and invited the drummer from Live Forever, Mike, to join them. Now, after a lot of blood, sweat and tears 2005 saw the release of their debut album 'carve your name', which has been produced by Stephen Dalley on a 10 track portable studio. (Check out their website for more details.) It's just good honest indie rock with a twist! The album is available at gigs and soon the net ( when we get it sorted). Thanks for listening! Will the stoneraven fly?

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