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Lo-Fi Spy

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Lo-Fi Spy
Lo-Fi Spy Bio:

Lo-Fi Spy was born of the concept of dualism...that from disaster arises opportunity, that from pain is born to the ability to shape sound into portals to dark places and forgotten times. For Lo-Fi founder, Phillip Clapham, that pain-driven opportunity arose in 2005, when after an accident, he was left with minimal use of his right arm, a striking blow to a bass player of 12 years. Unable to express himself with his hands he was driven to find new avenues of releasing the voices inside his head, and this search led him to a fascination with what to him was the unknown world of electronic music. After much experimentation and tweaking, Lo-Fi Spy has emerged as the result of this insatiable need to create in dire circumstances. The goal of Lo-Fi's music is to combine the hardcore grooves of rock with the rythmic devices of D&B, downtempo, and Trip-Hop. To create music that escapes the stereotypical labeling of electronica and reaches across genre while eschewing definition all-together. It is meant to be poetry in sonic form, words just barely not spoken and trapped in melodies and driving bass to reach across language and touch the soul...