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J.Digital Bio:

I primarily make drum and bass mostly although i dabble in hip hop and breakcore. The equipment I use mainly is my computer running sony acid 5.0 for sequencing, sound forge 6.0 for editing samples and synthesis, with various plugins and other bits and bobs I also use a MiniKorg outboard synth a Premier drum-kit and any other instrument I can get my hands on.
I've been making tunes now for about three years and do it primarily for the enjoyment of being able to make sounds i want to hear, i enjoy spending hours tweaking samples and re-arranging them most my tracks are unsigned although a few tracks are now lined up for a release on neonwave productions a web based record label for underground genres check the site for updates as they come in.
I also do a weekly web radio broadcast called forward thinking on every monday from 6pm to 8pm gmt alongside partner in crime el.noodel.
Also watch for collaborations (in cluding a live prog rock tinged band) in the near future with myself and el.noodel in the upcoming year or so.
Cheers. J

"Untitled No.2" » Drum N Bass 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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Chopped up Jazz breaks and dangerous subs provide the backdrop to this cinematic latin tinged cut, definatley a break from traditional drum 'n' bass.    

"Vom1 (Secret Agent Remix)" » Experimental 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
J.Digital - Vom1 (Secret Agent Remix)  » view code
Secret Agent (a.k.a J.Digital) remix of Vom's haunting theme Vom1.
The remix starts off with a haunting gutar chord, lost in a lake of reverb. The drums work there way in subtley among subliminal bass, bleeps and drones before dropping riefly into a subby jungle beat.