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Gauge Ina Duffle

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Gauge Ina Duffle
Gauge Ina Duffle Bio:

Capeverdean Hip-Hop duo Soldado Di Liberdade (SDL) Big Motcha & Flamez projects a positive message to the Capeverdean community, allows its listeners to take a deeper look at their own adversities, in turn making a change for the better by achieving their greatest potential. Their lyrics come with a great influence of the late Amilcar Cabral, who led Cape Verde to independence from Portugal in 1975. Together, their vision is to share with the world their own personal struggles with a message that anyone can rise above. The message is to be honest with our people and letting them know what is going on. We hope to make a change and do something to better our community, added 27-year old James DaLomba, a.k.a. DJ Flamez, the other member of this rap combo. Filled with high energy tracks, this diverse album is geared to an array of audiences. Every song has something for everyone and one in particular that can be enjoyed by all, assured both DJ Flamez and Big Motcha. Track fourteen CV Terra Di Amor is what speaks truth of how being raised in a third world country can provide a better appreciation for the opportunities allotted in the United States. We want young people to see that there are opportunities here and for that we want to set a good example, explained Big Motcha. DJ Flamez and Big Motcha joined forces in 2004 and it was their love for Hip-Hop music that created a profound connection between the two. Both natives of the island of Brava, Cape Verde, they are currently residing in Rhode Island, where they are able to utilize their individual talents as a tool to help strengthen their community. DJ Flamez began his music career in 2000 as a disc jockey anywhere he was allowed an entrance. In 2005, he produced, for Boston based hip-hop artist Gauge Duffle. He has also produced and collaborated with well-known Capeverdean artists such as Tem Blessed, Soldier, Bairo Side, Nelito, Calu Di Brava, D.G. and CV R&B group LVR, just to name a few. His partner Big Motcha, on the other hand, discovered his passion for hip-hop in 2004 when he wrote his very first verse to the song Lembre nha Tempo. His free-styling days would progress to writing and producing his own material. The dynamic duo, both passionate and driven, has found a connection in that they both feel compelled to convey a positive message through their lyrics. In 2001, the DaLomba's launched their own record label, Big Dreamerz, which currently features artists such as American hip-hop artists Gauge Duffle and 420 Crew, along with Capeverdean hip-hop artists Soldier Our project for the future is not to just make music, we also want to bring the business aspect into it as well, said DJ Flamez. Going forward, they plan to continue in their quest to pass on their positive message while delving into other business venues. The twosome plans to launch, in the future, a clothing line, multi media service, distribution, and production services. They will continue to help promote and introduce Capeverdean culture to various markets. I believe that music is the key in delivering the message about promoting our culture. We want to continue to help uplift out community, concluded Big Motcha.

flamez posted: 15 Sep 2005 08:42 AM
check out the new gauge post up's here on this site...