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Daphne D

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Daphne D
Daphne D Bio:

Daphne. A Brooklyn born, Long island raised 20 year old beauty with the ability to create with her words and thoughts. She began her singing exploration in church at the ripe age of 5, singing in french. She noticed that singing was a strong passion and so did her now "mom-manager". Staying firm and focus on singing, Daphne met two men who would give her the added ingredients to make her music a reality. "I never thought that what I wrote on paper could come to life" says Daphne as she blushes. "The very first song I wrote and recorded with my producer Legahsey was called "Change". I love that song 'til this day. It's a hit". She is currently working on her third album. "So far I have two full albums under my belt with some great offers, but I still feel that I have to do a third album. But with the third album, I'm taking it a bit slower. I want to get all my thoughts on paper and create beauty with them." say Daphne. Her upcoming efforts are going to amaze you. She will be the ultimate "Princess of Hip Hop and R&B".