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DiRtBoX Bio:

Young. Tight. Scottish. Energetic. Mental. Sexual. Cheeky. Fast. Hyper. Fun. Emo. Not...DiRtBoX is an arse/butthole consisting of a bunch of good friends who play in a band together - playing shows, writing songs, pretending to be punk, going out meeting people and having the dream, in a rock punk band.
Playing live...DiRtBoX have played over 300 shows with bands such as: Brodie, Strung Out, Real Mackenzies, Uncle Brian, Jesse James, My Dad Joe, Five Knuckle, Not Katies, Million Dead, King Prawn, Route 215, Skirtbox, Appease, U.K Subs, not to mention loadsa cool local punk bands... They want to get as popular as possible, whoring around doing shows anywhere - they want everyone to know about the band - hate or love them. 'Making the best songs we can'. If you don't have their C.D, email them ( or download NOW!

Want Some Rocking Music posted: 10 Aug 2005 11:07 AM
Dirtbox are the perfect band for you to listen to if you like punk / metal / rock you won't beleive it until you have listened to our music. please leave a message on our guestbook or go to to find out more about the band Cheers Nsor x x x