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Vue D'Lanoid

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Vue D'Lanoid
Vue D'Lanoid Bio:

Halo I'm a vinyl junkie,
Been listening to all sorts of electrica from a very early age.
I've aquired a taste for a certin kind of music over the years.
Collecting vinyl since 13, I have gathered quite a colection,
But it never ends, because I'm allways looking for new sounds.
When I'm alone, sometimes I get this feeling, its stronger than
love, greater than sex, to express that through music and share
it with the good people is a feelign of success and happiness.
I'd like to share with you, some of my favorate records, mixed by me for your listening pleasure, i'' add some of my own soon.
I'm usually playin around with house and techno, but have also collected some very beautiful tranc.
These tunes literely take me on a musical journey to a places i have never been, cept for weekends ;0
I have two choices when I want a night out, go drinking with the
silly people or goto a decent club where the vibes are electric.
Yeh... that's where I wanna be.
Without any doubt, my favorate artist on this plane has gotta be Sasha, ever since he rode in on a tidal wave of adoration from the North of England's explosive early 90s club scene, that magic touch has made Alexander Coe - Sasha one of the most famous and most revered DJ's on this planet.
How could you compair to that? Well I'm not trying to, but to share the beautiful of this music would be my main objective.

If you like what you hear, the full mix is on me site.

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I'd like to share this mix I've just completed, it's 1 hour long,
The completed mix is at my site, had to chop it up for here.