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Buried in a burning black hole some where in the northwest of England Corridor sprang to life. Musicians with electric instruments, making strange buzzing sounds, together taking the intricate workings of the physical world and squashing it into something called the guitar amplifier, prepped for mass explosions of sonic energy to be filtered through cell based life forms and recycled into twisted thought process. There was indeed a method to this madness, a hidden set of controls so beautifully configured, so amazingly balanced one could find it a little hard to breathe at times.

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Too much time, Nothing to do, Brain filling with tiny paper clips, Constantly worried, Nervous twitching, Lack of apatite, General distrust, Low energy, Paranoid delusions, Acid reflux, Rats with wings, Talking mailbox, Binary tongues, Ticking clocks, Sinking ships, Twisted thought process ,Breathing through gas mask, Scratching walls, Covered in dust, Misspelled words, Not awake, Losing touch, Drifting in and out, Empty conversations, Too many choices, Caged animals, Human Vault, Under house arrest, Muscle spasms, Darkness, Solitude, Antisocial behavior, Skies open up, Raised to the heavens, Maybe you can hear me