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Johnny Go Boom Boom

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Johnny Go Boom Boom
Johnny Go Boom Boom Bio:

3 peice rocking Punk/Rock/Emo band that have been together for 2-3 years but only just started playin our own material. About to record for the first time this summer so keep a look out for when we get them on the site. We've played several gigs in our local town and are hoping to venture into the pubs and clubs of Manchester soon. the band started just as a laugh with our mates but know we've grown up we want to take our music as far as it will go but still up for getting smashed and having a laugh!

A little about Rob by Rob

Hi Im Rob. Im 15 and I love to play the guitar. Ive been playing for round about 3 years. George, Gray and I have been in a band for about 2 years but only recently started playing songs. Recently we have mostly been doing cover songs, which seems very popular among our fans, but we are planning on writing our own material soon. I have grown up around rock music and my biggest idol is Angus Young. I play lead, rhythm, sometimes bass (if Gray isnt) and vocals. I prefer to play guitar and sing at the same time rather than with just a microphone meaning that i am not a telentless lead singer.

A little about George by George

Hi Im George the drummer I enjoy playing lots of different styles e.g latin jazz etc. I like listening to drummers and picking up sticking patterns and accents. My favourite drummers and idols are Travis Barker and Tom Lang. I have been playing for about 3 years on and off ,I love blink and yellowcard although I love a lot of different bands e.g stereophonics oasis. I joined the band after the previous drummer left because he did not feel that the band was right for him and soon after was when we really started to accelerate.

A Little about Gray by Gray

Hey i'm gray i play mainly bass but sometimes rob lets me rock out on guitar. i am the only original member of the band. (but we weren't really a band until george and rob turned up) i listen to ska, punk, rock, scremo, metal anything and everything really. I don't have an idol like the other two mainly because my taste in music changes so much. i really enjoy playing in the band especially live, just the buzz off the crowd is the best feeling in the world!

"Mrs Brain" » Rock 2 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Johnny Go Boom Boom - Mrs Brain  » play hi-fi
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The first song we wrote together and the last on the album! This simple but effective rock tune really gets the crowd moving!    

"Belle" » Rock 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Johnny Go Boom Boom - Belle  » play hi-fi
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The 2nd track of the album Soupa Junk. Hard rocking, punk/ska track all about Belle. Check out the retro middle 8!    

"Decloration Of Guilt" » Rock 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Johnny Go Boom Boom - Decloration Of Guilt  » play hi-fi
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This slow emoish track goes down well live and rocks out over the chorus but it was a b*st*rd to record in the studio! Track 3 on the album!