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From Southern California’s sunny and hot Bakersfield, Ashes has made their debut. Forming in the later part of 2000 they have accomplished some major goals and steps in solidifying their reputation as a professional, solid, rock band. Touring across the nation and up and down the California coastline Ashes has developed a fan base that is growing from day to day. The Ashes Street Team reaches all over the United States with constant additions to the team and interest of new fans spreading throughout neighborhoods, schools, and churches, leaving a heavy impact on the Ashes website. Ashes now has over 50,000 registered hits with just over two years of being online. Ashes also took part in the Station 3:16 Summer Sound-Off in 2003 in a battle of the bands competition. Out of 27 other bands, Ashes took home first place along with $5000 from the competition.

Ashes combines a melodic, post-hardcore, indie-rock sound that is similar to bands like The Foo Fighters, AFI, or Blindside. Ashes message is what separates them from most other bands. They deliver what they believe in through the music to the kids, the parents, business men and business women all across the country. Ashes hits on serious topics such as drug addictions, relationships, struggles in life, joys in life, and all of this is backed up with the one truth that they believe in. All five members coming from a wide range of backgrounds has influenced a common thread of faith in God and His son Jesus Christ that they all heavily rely upon. As this 5-Piece combination, Ashes has taken on new life and is ready for the road ahead.

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