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Chanca Bio:

Chanca is 23-year-old songwriter Nathan Bowles.

Chanca started out in late 2003 & by early 2004 finished his first 4- track demo. After catching that music buzz, he continued to write & record until his 16-track debut album "Dark In 2 Light" was finished by the end of that year.

Chanca is currently trying to promote the album, whilst working on new material. His unique blend of hard hitting but thought provoking words, mixed with mellow beats & trip hop style melodies are a must for any music lover who is sick and tired of hearing about the same old thing & bored of the music flooding the airwaves.

"Insightful and ingenious, 'Dark In 2 Light' takes one man's personal experience and gives it universal appeal, whilst simultaneously bringing hip hop, trance, jazz and dance together in a truly contemporary way. Everything about this album is inspired." -

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