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Tommy J. Gardner was born December 30th 1974 in Winchester Virginia U.S.A , Developing the love of music at an early age. TJG got his first drum set at the age of four, and banging the hell out of them, he decided that he wanted to learn every instrument possable. He started taking piano at the age of fourteen, and picked up a guitar around the same age. In the late 80's he started playing in bands in his hometown . He played for such bands as Machines of agony, Dreamscape, & Stomp Faction, before deciding to start writing & recording his own material. In 1993 he started his first album project entitled livefire, although the whole porject was scrapped due to poor sound quailty in the equipment, your most commen issues as an artist starting out on your own. Then in early 2003 he started on a new album project entitled crush, crush in 2005 was nearly complete and going through the final mixing & engineering stages of the album. Expect crush to be made avaiable in July of 2006, crush will have 13 tracks which some of the demos of these tracks can be heard on TJ Gardner has recently joined up with the M3 project (Mixposure 3) on mixposure, and they have been putting out back to back ..1 hits on mixposure's top 100. Keep checking back to find out updates on this artist, and were you can get your hands on a copy of his album crush.

"The Path" » Instrumental 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
TJG - The Path  » view code
The path is a short acoustical piece that is previewed on the album crush.    

"The path" » Acoustic 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
TJG - The path  » view code
This song is a short piece put together for the crush album.