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This Talentated Organized Production Independent Team (T.O.P.I.T.) located in Detroit Michigan was found in May 2003 by Kevin Killum who networked with several independent companies on production through out the city of Detroit.

Born in Detroit, MI Febuary 2, 1982 the first born of four graduated from Finney High School and Golightly Career and Technical Center (Radio and Television Broadcasting) at the same time while having a job at Radio Shack and a intern at 105.9 WDTJ. After graduation, he became a producer for Diamond Ring Records in the year of 2000.When leaving the company after three years, he started producing music for other record company's and at the same time, working on coming up with a production team to work on different production projects.

Killumall Productions represents my independence I have for my self. Killum is the expression I used to describe "eager to attack" not necessarly hurt people but, don't stop tring, attack your problems, attack situation, and don't let any thing stop you from doing what you want to do. I'm a people person I love working with people but not everyone's your friend and not everyones your enemy.

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