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Gefilte Fist

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Gefilte Fist
Gefilte Fist Bio:

Gefilte Fist are a blackened deathcore band from Tampa, Florida that plays dramatic show tunes, soaring uplifting melodies, life-affirming smooth jazz and blasphemous elevator music. Part of the gefiltecore scene, Gefilte Fist blends fistcore, grindcore, deathcore and death metal. If you are looking for Tampa grindcore, Tampa death metal, black metal to go with your order of freedom fries, Gefilte Fist es Mucho Estupido!

Gefilte Fist - The best grindcore band in the world! posted: 30 Aug 2004 06:55 PM
Gefilte Fist take grindcore to the next level. They churn out massive walls of noise and tremendous talent!