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Nilla Bio:

Chozen Onez Entertainment (C.O.E.) Presents:

C.O.E. is a Rap Label in Pittsfield, MA that consists of:
--Young Champ--
--Yung Tre--

I'm Only 15, yeaa believe it or not... 'n I haven't even been rappin for a year. So all the tracks ur hearin & my 1st Mixtape commin out this summer is all new and my 1st project ever.
People have been wantin to hear some stuff from me but i wasn't really phokissed, so I decided i hafta squeeze out a Mixtape this Summer to drop a buzz, let people get a little taste. 'N next summer will be when the real stuff drops.
So check it out and tell me wut u think. Get at me on my Guestbook or on AIM at NillaChznOnezEnt

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